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Software Development

The Pitch

Looking for a team that doesn’t just write code but delivers tangible results? That's exactly what we offer. With a background of diverse projects, we've demonstrated our ability to turn complex problems into innovative solutions. More details about few successfully completed projects will be outlined later on this page.

But our expertise doesn’t stop there. We understand that good software isn't just about coding - it's about delivering a product that meets your needs and contributes to your success. We see the big picture and focus on creating software solutions that not only work flawlessly but also drive value and efficiency for your operations.

One of our strengths is our ability to work with a variety of hardware and optimize software performance within given constraints. We don't shy away from challenges - we embrace them. We're the team that figures out how to make a compact microprocessor drive a handheld projector or how to make a small agricultural device handle vast amounts of data.

We believe that good software development is about more than just code - it's about understanding your needs, designing intuitive interfaces, and ensuring optimal performance. Whether you need a mobile app or complex autonomous system, we're up for the task. We combine creativity with technical know-how to turn your ideas into reality.

Let's explore some of our past projects. From a smart agricultural system named theRobuster to an optimized handheld projector, we've tackled complex software needs and delivered high-value solutions. Each project demonstrates our commitment to practical innovation, efficient design, and, most importantly, the success of our clients


We successfuly developed a project named theRobuster, aimed at advancing the field of smart agriculture. The core idea is to enable automated and efficient integration of water and fertilizer. At the heart of theRobuster is its autonomous function. When water starts to flow through the device, the system automatically activates and performs its tasks without needing human intervention.

To manage the proportion of fertilizer added to the water, we've developed a flow sensor system. This system measures the volume of flowing water, and based on these readings, our software calculates the necessary PWM signal. This signal drives a pump motor to introduce the appropriate quantity of fertilizer into the water flow.

We've also incorporated a data collection and storage function into the system. It keeps track of critical statistics, storing this data both on local and cloud storage. This feature gives farmers access to useful data about their irrigation and fertilization, helping them make informed decisions.

Additionally, we've designed a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mobile app to enhance user interaction. This app displays the current status of the device and statistical data on the user's mobile device, providing a quick and easy way to monitor the system.

In short, theRobuster project focuses on automating the agriculture process through smart technology, aiming to make farming more efficient and manageable. Read more about theRobuster project

Hand Held Projector

Here is our latest creation - a compact, handheld projector. We worked hard to combine functionality and simplicity in this gadget, given the constraints of its small size.

Our projector operates on a minimalist microprocessor, a challenge that necessitated the highest efficiency in our code. This optimized code drives the LED light source, the LCD-based imager, and the user interface to provide a streamlined experience.

With just five buttons, the user interface is simplicity itself, designed to be navigable by anyone. Our aim has always been to create sophisticated software that remains accessible and user-friendly, regardless of the user's tech-savviness.

Integral to the software is a power management system designed to conserve battery power and maximize usage time.

The projector's firmware can be easily updated via USB, a feature that ensures the device keeps pace with improvements and new additions.

In terms of future updates, we plan to introduce an autofocus feature, which will necessitate the coordination of a software-controlled miniature actuator and a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor. This challenge offers an exciting opportunity to stretch our software development skills even further.

This handheld projector is a true testament to what can be achieved when software expertise meets hardware limitations.

Carefree Garden Smart System Controller

Introducing, a cutting-edge, dual-ESP32 microprocessor-based smart garden control system. This innovative software solution has been developed for advanced technical users and is rooted in the principles of automation, data collection, and processing.

The system operates on two ESP32 microprocessors - one dedicated to collecting data from various sensors, the other focused on controlling outputs. The system integrates up to 15 distinct input sensors (temperature, moisture, humidity, etc.) and manages multiple output mechanisms, including PWM, 24 VAC, and outlets. The system is designed to interact with users via WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.

The primary role of the system is to process sensor input, responding with appropriate action commands, operating on a dedicated server built upon the ESP32 microprocessor. The system architecture enables data transfer between devices through a custom-built protocol, ensuring addressing, data integrity, and interference resistance, even in heterogeneous networks.

The architecture supports a broad range of sensors and devices from various manufacturers, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. The protocol allows the system to learn and integrate any new sensor, providing an expandable solution that can be scaled up as needed.

The system supports connecting multiple controllers using the developed protocol over RS485, allowing data synchronization between devices. This feature caters to scenarios requiring additional sensors or processing power.

The system is equipped with self-test algorithms for the controller and sensors, enhancing reliability. It also supports HTTPS or MQTT protocols for sending data to a cloud server. The system's IoT capabilities make it compatible with smart home IoT setups.

User interaction has been simplified through a user-friendly interface and a local web server that processes customer requests. The modern-style GUI displays all parameters, charts, and allows for the input of procedures and tasks.

The system employs websockets for reliable, interactive data exchange and secures cloud server access using modern TLS/SSL protocols. The backend is coded in C++, with over 25K lines of code, and the frontend employs JS, Bootstrap, and NodeJS.

Read more about Carefree Garden Smart System Controller.

So, if you're ready to work with a team that values innovation, efficiency, and collaboration, get in touch with us. We're excited to hear about your project and explore how we can make it a success together.