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High-Tech Electronic Design and Consulting

Welcome to Our High-Tech Electronic Design and Consulting Services

We specialize in designing and crafting electronic devices of all complexities, including specialized solutions for the opto-electronic industry. From laser diode drivers and LED controllers to precision temperature control with Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) drivers, our products are designed with expert knowledge and superior craftsmanship.

What We Do

We provide a comprehensive range of electronic design services. Our process spans from requirements gathering and component selection to PCB assembly and testing, delivering a product fully ready for manufacturing. Our solutions encompass digital and analog electronics, automation devices, multisensor IoT network systems, and custom electronic systems.

Dive Into Our Portfolio of Cutting-Edge Electronic Projects

Adaptable and Forward-Thinking Team

Our team constantly adapts and improves, staying updated with the latest industry trends. Even during global component shortages, we've been resilient, continuing design and prototyping without interruption and ensuring projects are delivered on time.

Specialized Solutions for the Opto-Electronics Industry

Our team is uniquely positioned in the opto-electronics industry. With our in-depth understanding of optics and electronics, we excel at creating specialized solutions such as laser diode drivers, LED controllers, and Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) drivers.

Each of these solutions is designed with precision and meticulous attention to detail. Our laser diode drivers, for instance, are crafted to provide exact power control, ensuring maximum diode performance and longevity. LED controllers we develop are flexible and intelligent, allowing precise light output control to match the needs of the system, be it for illumination, signaling, or complex optical processing tasks.

Our TEC drivers are another standout solution. They are responsible for maintaining a stable temperature in optical systems, crucial for optimal operation. We design our TEC drivers to deliver exact temperature control, preventing system overheating and ensuring stable optical output even in fluctuating ambient conditions.

The key to our success in these areas is our use of microprocessor controls. This technology allows us to achieve an unparalleled level of precision and responsiveness in our drivers, directly translating into the outstanding performance of the opto-electronic devices we develop.

But what truly sets us apart is our extensive background in optics design. This gives us a unique perspective when it comes to developing electronics for opto-electronic devices. We understand the exact optical performance parameters that our devices need to meet. We’re not just focused on achieving optimal performance at the laser diode input, but we pay equal attention to the performance at the output. This dual focus ensures that our electronics are designed and fine-tuned to achieve optimal system performance, delivering the results our customers need.

In-House Capabilities and Prototyping

Thanks to our in-house capabilities, we swiftly create prototypes, allowing thorough testing and ensuring efficient schedules are maintained. This proactive approach helps us avoid unnecessary delays and costs.

Embedded Systems and IoT Solutions

Our expertise in embedded systems design allows us to create versatile IoT applications. This includes developing multisensor network systems, smart home solutions, indoor/outdoor positioning systems, low-power wearable devices, and embedded systems supporting cellular networks.

Embedded Software Development

Our team excels in developing embedded software. Embedded software is integral to the functioning of various devices we use daily, from washing machines to cars to smartphones. Our expertise covers designing, developing, and integrating the software that makes these systems run efficiently. We focus on creating compact, efficient, and reliable code for devices with limited resources. We are also well-versed in working with different microcontroller architectures and implementing effective communication protocols, ensuring smooth interaction between devices.

Electrical Schematic, Layout, and Custom PCB Design

Our team offers comprehensive electrical schematic, layout, and custom PCB design services. We aim to provide practical and efficient designs that meet client needs while taking into account manufacturing and assembly considerations. Our PCB designs focus on functionality, reliability, and ease of production.

We are experienced with various deigital interfaces, including USB, I2C, SPI, and RS-485, etc., and are proficient in integrating WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for IoT solutions. All our designs undergo thorough verification to ensure performance and compliance with regulations. Our goal is to deliver effective, tailored solutions for each customer

Product Engineering Services

We guide our customers through the entire process of creating robust electronics. From consulting and research to development and proof of concept, we ensure the feasibility of your project and implement it effectively with custom electronics design.

Why we like ESP32: The Ideal Microprocessor for IoT Solutions

Choosing the right microprocessor can make or break an electronic project. That's why our team is a big fan of the ESP32. It stands out from the crowd for several reasons.

For starters, ESP32 modules are easy on the wallet, which is a big win for budget-savvy developers. You get a lot of bang for your buck with these little gadgets. They deliver solid performance without a hefty price tag, and that leaves more room in the budget for other key elements of our IoT projects like sensors, actuators, and cloud connectivity.

What's more, the ESP32 is a true chameleon when it comes to connectivity. Its Bluetooth/Wi-Fi combo module feels like having a Swiss Army knife in our toolkit. Whether we need Bluetooth for connecting devices locally or Wi-Fi for tapping into the cloud, the ESP32 has us covered. Plus, we love the fact that we can switch the Bluetooth on or off depending on what our projects call for. It's like a built-in insurance policy for future changes.

But the cherry on top is the flexibility ESP32 modules give us with storage and memory. With the option for additional external flash memory, we can tailor data storage to suit our projects. And modules like the ESP32-WROVER take it up a notch, letting us expand RAM with pSRAM. This means we can add up to 4MB more memory, which comes in handy for those memory-hungry applications. Thanks to these features, we're able to bring our most innovative IoT projects to life.

To sum it up, the ESP32 is our go-to microprocessor because it's cost-effective, versatile, and offers great storage and memory options. It's a reliable workhorse that helps us build robust, high-performing IoT solutions without breaking the bank.

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