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Smart Agriculture

The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed many sectors, and agriculture is no exception. Smart IoT in agriculture, often referred to as precision farming, uses advanced technologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the farming process. With the implementation of connected devices and sensors, data can be collected and analyzed from the field, allowing for real-time decision making and optimized crop growth. This involves monitoring parameters such as soil moisture, light, temperature, humidity, and nutrient levels, which help determine the precise irrigation, fertilization, and pest control measures.

For instance, smart irrigation systems, utilizing soil moisture sensors and weather forecast data, can ensure plants receive the precise amount of water they need, reducing water wastage and improving crop health. Moreover, the data gathered from IoT devices helps in forecasting and predicting yields, thereby enabling better planning and reducing uncertainties. The ability to track and trace products from farm to table improves transparency, enhancing food safety and quality. IoT in agriculture also has the potential to address bigger challenges such as food security and climate change by increasing productivity and sustainability. This technology-driven revolution in farming, by interlinking physical and digital worlds, promises to bring a new level of intelligence to agriculture.

With a solid background in hi-tech engineering, electronics, and software development, the team at MD Optical Design make significant advancements in smart agriculture. Having an agriculture business in Florida has given us first-hand knowledge of the specific requirements needed for the successful use of IoT in farming. We can use our expertise to create complex IoT systems specifically designed for precision agriculture.

theRobuster cat watering garden

theRobuster™ Smart Fertilizer Injection System

We developed theRobuster™ - a uniquely designed fertilizers injection system specifically tailored for efficient irrigation with liquid fertilizers. Whether you're a home gardener with a few pots or a large-scale farmer needing to water up to 1,500 gallons per hour, theRobuster™ is your ideal solution. While it works exceptionally well with SUNSHINE Boosters™, amino acid-based liquid fertilizers rich in trace elements, it's also compatible with any other liquid product requiring a dosage of up to 30 ml per gallon of water. Using theRobuster™ ensures precision and effectiveness in fertilizing your plants, fostering optimal growth and development.

One of the standout features of theRobuster™ is its intuitive design - there's no need to manually turn it on, it starts working when water is flowing. What sets it apart further is its use of cloud services to gather data about your plant watering habits, including water consumption over specific periods, fertilizer usage, and watering frequency. All of this information is readily accessible through a Bluetooth-enabled mobile application. The system tracks water flow and doses the required amount of fertilizer with precision. It operates well within a wide range of water flows and pressures, making it a versatile tool for your gardening needs.

When compared to other fertilizer injection systems, such as the Venturi injector and water-pressure operated dosing systems, theRobuster™ rises above. Its compatibility with various water flow rates, high accuracy in adjustable dosing, and minimal maintenance requirements make it suitable for a myriad of applications. Be it large-scale operations, small backyard setups, or drip-irrigation systems, theRobuster™ outperforms in terms of versatility, accuracy, and ease of use. To learn more or to place an order for theRobuster™, visit our other company's website at theRobuster.com.

Carefree Garden Smart System Controller

Introducing the Carefree Garden Smart System Controller - an advanced and highly programmable tool designed to fully automate various processes in your garden or greenhouse, all geared towards the most effective plant production.

The heart of the system is the carefreeHUB, which functions as the main processor. It manages the data from the sensors and sends instructions to the carefreePOWER devices. With its built-in autonomous web server, you can easily manage all the system parameters. The user interface is simple and intuitive, and for advanced applications, it includes a unique scripting language known as carefreeSCRIPT.

carefreePOWER is the intelligent control module of the system, complete with programmable outlets that continuously monitor current and have emergency shut-off capabilities. It also features analog inputs for continuous monitoring of situations such as water leakage or an open enclosure. These sensors provide immediate feedback for actions like device shutdown and alarm triggering. carefreePOWER connects to carefreeHUB using a standard patch cable, allowing for control of a virtually unlimited number of devices.

The carefreeHUB boasts a dual-core 32-bit processor, 14 sensor connection ports, and WiFi communication. You can access its user interface from a laptop or smartphone, and it uses an RS485 industry-standard bus for device communication. The carefreeHUB also features a real-time clock for precise scheduling, and it logs all sensor and event data.

On the other hand, the carefreePOWER has a dual-core 32-bit processor, and it can handle a maximum current of 120V/15A. It comes with four individually controllable 120V outlets and one 15A outlet, all of which have a current sensor for overload protection. It also includes 16 12V PWM outputs and eight 24 VAC outputs for valve control.

We offer a range of sensors, including those for measuring temperature, humidity, light, carbon dioxide (CO2), and substrate moisture. These sensors connect to the carefreeHUB using a standard patch cable.

In the field of agriculture, the Carefree Garden Smart System offers impressive features. Its humidity sensor activates an exhaust fan based on humidity data, maintaining an optimal balance for successful plant growth and disease control. The temperature sensor triggers misting systems during frost or activates water heating when needed. The light sensor activates supplemental lighting during dark periods and can detect lamp failures, issuing emergency alerts. The CO2 sensor enables safe and effective use of CO2 enrichment equipment around plants, while the soil moisture sensor allows irrigation based on actual soil moisture levels, preventing over- or under-watering. Automatic fertilizer dosing is achieved through controllable water supply valves and controllable PWM outputs, ensuring precise and tailored nutrient delivery to your plants.